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Create a project

You can use projects in CI Sense to monitor the findings of your code projects. This section guides you through creating a new project in the UI of CI Sense.

Add a new project

Start by logging into CI Sense. From the Dashboard, you can either:

  • Click the Select Project dropdown and then Add Project
  • Click the NEW PROJECT button

Add project option on left menu. New project button at top right corner of dashboard

This opens a dialog box to enter information about the project:

  • Add a custom logo to show with your projects. If you don't select a logo, then CI Sense generates one for you.
  • Mark your project as personal, it doesn't belong to an organization.
  • Enter a name for the project.
  • If your project isn't marked as personal, enter an organization it belongs to.
  • If your project currently resides in a Git repository, you can add the URL. This is optional, but recommended if possible.
  • You can add a description of your project.

Collect success metrics

CI Sense can collect metrics from the previous 7 days. The goal of these metrics is to improve CI Sense. They're not automatically collected, but must instead be manually copied and sent to Code Intelligence.

The metrics contain high-level information related to projects on CI Sense. See here for details regarding collected metrics.

All information relies on the access rights of the user executing this feature. Only data that the user can collect with his or her own access rights is disclosed. There is no exposure of data beyond currently given access rights using this feature. To have a full picture, please choose a user with administrator rights to all relevant organizations or collect separately for different organizations.

Access success metrics

To access the success metrics, click the additional options in the upper right of the UI in CI Sense and select Success Metrics. A dialog appears containing the metrics that you can copy and sent to your Customer Success contact.

Dropdown menu containing success metrics option in upper right corner of dashboard Copy button in upper right corner of success metrics dialog

Collected data points

The metrics include the following data points:

  • covered-source-lines-count - Total number of lines all your tests cover in current state
  • total-source-lines-count - Total number of code lines detected by the software
  • total-xxx-fuzz-test-count - Number of existing tests for counted languages
  • runs-this-week - Executed runs in the last seven days
  • logged-in-users-count - Number of users logging in at least one time in the last seven days
  • new-findings-count - Sum of all new findings in the last seven days
  • total-findings-count - Number of total unique findings the solution detected
  • prevented-findings-count - Number of total findings the solution detected that are no longer found in the last seven days
  • findings-by-severity - Shows the details what number of findings was classified with what severity
  • zap-findings-count - The number of findings identified by the integrated tool ZAP. For these findings, not all debug information is available.
  • web-api-findings-count - The number of findings by a Web API test. Means, the found issue is exposed by the API and can be used to trigger unwanted behaviour.
  • project-count - total number of projects