CI Fuzz Documentation

Code Intelligence offers usable application testing for everyone using our product CI Fuzz. CI Fuzz decreases the amount of expert knowledge needed to employ fuzzing and helps leading global companies such as Bosch, Deutsche Börse and Deutsche Telekom to make their software secure and reliable.

CI Fuzz allows any developer to automatically find critical bugs and vulnerabilities during the development process. Our tool continuously runs thousands of smart-generated test cases per seconds, updates tests on source code changes and requires no attention until it alerts you that it found a bug. For more information on how to use CI Fuzz, you can go to the Getting started section.

The technology component at the core of our product is Fuzzing which is a dynamic testing technique that uses random inputs to detect bugs and vulnerabilities. We use a cutting edge form of fuzzing called “feedback-based fuzzing” to compute relevant test cases leading to unmatched test coverage. For more information on the technology behind fuzzing, go to the What’s all the Fuzz about? section.

Also, we invite you to check our further technical resources.

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