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Code Intelligence Documentation

Welcome to Code Intelligence's documentation, where you can find information on Code Intelligence's products. Code Intelligence enables developers to ship truly secure software people trust and rely on.

Code Intelligence provides an end-to-end software testing solution for developing robust software. It combines dynamic analysis with self-learning AI using technologies such as feedback-based fuzzing to automatically generate test cases that maximize code coverage and trigger deep bugs in your code without false positives.

Building solutions that developers enjoy to use in their daily work is a major aspiration of Code Intelligence. With Code Intelligence’s CI/CD integration, your software is automatically tested at each code change so that you find regressions and bugs long before they reach production.

Explore the solution

Code Intelligence puts you in the driver seat and allows to provide highly secure and reliable code with minimum testing effort.

Traditionally you write one test for a specific test case. With Code Intelligence a single test covers hundreds of cases. Even the ones you didn't think about.

Code Intelligence finds issues deeply hidden in your software, ensuring permanently tested code. On each developer machine and in the CI/CD pipeline.

Findings and feedback provide clear call to actions, without false positives. You get the input causing the failure and the line in your code locating the bug.

CI Fuzz enables full local developer experience. Run and use it on your machine and integrate it with your favorite IDEs to immediately experience the value of AI-enabled security testing for your code.

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You are already familiar with the concepts of security testing and fuzzing? Then check out these quickstart guides:

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