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Regression Testing

CI Fuzz CLI supports running fuzz tests in a regression testing mode. Running a fuzz test as a regression test is different than when using cifuzz run <fuzz_test>. It will not generate any new inputs or try to increase coverage. Instead, it will use any inputs in the <fuzz_test>_inputs directory. The regression test will stop once it has either applied all the previously discovered inputs or earlier if a regression occurs. This section explains how to create regression tests with different build systems as well as how to integrate them into various IDEs.

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CI Fuzz CLI provides CMake user presets You can build a replayer binary for performing regression tests with the following command:

make -C build

Once the replayer binary has been built, you can execute it using:

Running: <empty input>
a: -2147483648; b: -2147483648; c: 
this is the default path
Done:    <empty input>: (0 bytes)
Running: /home/demo_user/repos/cifuzz/examples/cmake/my_fuzz_test_seed_corpus/nifty_liskov-1
a: 1458293964; b: 1451229194; c: FUZZING
branch 1
branch 2
branch 3
branch 4
*** buffer overflow detected ***: terminated

Fuzz test failed on input '/home/demo_user/repos/cifuzz/examples/cmake/my_fuzz_test_seed_corpus/nifty_liskov-1'
Reason: Aborted

To debug this failure, execute:

    gdb -ex 'break LLVMFuzzerTestOneInput' -ex run --args './build/my_fuzz_test' '/home/demo_user/repos/cifuzz/examples/cmake/my_fuzz_test_seed_corpus/nifty_liskov-1'

Aborted (core dumped)

You can see cifuzz using the finding that was discovered earlier and placed in the seed_corpus directory: my_fuzz_test_seed_corpus/nifty_liskov-1. Since we have not fixed the code, the buffer overflow triggers again and the regression test ends.