In order to test your code with CI Fuzz you need to install our Suite. You will be provided with a distribution independent installer named something like: ci-installer-<version>-linux

Just execute this installer and it will ask you to enter your sudo password. You can also install it with root privileges, but then symlinks to the software will be created in /root/bin:

$ ./ci-installer-<version>-linux

The installer is interactive and will guide you through some additional settings. Per default, it will install the CI Suite in a subdirectory of /opt/ like /opt/ci-release-<version>/ and create symlinks in $HOME/bin. To use the installed software without using the full path, you can add one of these directories to your PATH environment. Open the suitable configuration file, like ~/.profile and add the following line (change to match your installation)



Don’t run the installer with sudo directly, as this will break some functionality because of the installed files belonging to the root user. Instead, enter the sudo password, when prompted by the installer.