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The CI Fuzz CLI is an open source command line tool for creating fuzz tests. CI Fuzz CLI is tightly integrated with various build systems, enabling developers to create fuzz tests as easily as unit tests. You can find the CI Fuzz CLI GitHub repository here.


  • Easily setup, create, and run fuzz tests
  • Generate coverage reports that can be integrated in your IDE
  • Supports multiple programming languages and build systems

Languages and Build Systems

CI Fuzz CLI supports the following language and build system combinations:

  • C/C++ - CMake, Bazel, Other*
  • Java - Maven, Gradle

* CI Fuzz CLI provides general support for other build systems such as Make, Ninja, and Meson.

Getting Started

If you are new to CI Fuzz CLI, or just fuzz testing in general, then check out our quick start guides. They will walk you through creating your first fuzz test with CI Fuzz CLI.

Quick Start C/C++ Quick Start Java