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Testcontainers support for fuzz tests

Fuzz tests using Testcontainers are supported in CI Sense.

What are Testcontainers?

Testcontainers is an open-source framework that simplifies integration testing. It allows developers to create lightweight, disposable instances of databases, brokers, and other services within Docker containers. Testcontainers ensures that tests closely resemble the production environment by using real services instead of in-memory substitutes. This approach provides faster feedback, feature parity, and confidence in testing against actual dependencies.

Support for CI Sense SaaS users

Testcontainers are enabled for CI Sense SaaS accounts. Your fuzz tests can depend on the Docker Engine being available. No further action or configuration is needed as Testcontainers framework will detect the default ports.

Support for on-premises deployments

By default, Testcontainers are not available for fuzz tests for our CI Sense on-premises deployments. Enabling them will require a setup of privileged containers for Fuzz test workers. A Docker-in-Docker (DIND) sidecar container is required for the functionality. Here is a diagram showing the setup we use to enable Testcontainers in CI Sense:

This setup varies depending on your deployment and use cases. You may want to utilize VMs like Kata to run workers. We can guide you through this process. Reach out to our support.