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Project Creation

This section will guide you through creating a new project in the UI of CI App.

Table of contents


Before creating a project, you should have already:

Add New Project

Start by logging into CI App. From the Dashboard, you can either:

  • Click the Select Project dropdown and then Add Project
  • Click the NEW PROJECT button

This will spawn a dialog box to enter information about the project:

  • Projects can be customized with a logo of your choosing. If you do not select a logo, then CI App will generate one for you.
  • If a project is marked as Personal, it will not belong to an organization.
  • Enter a name for the project.
  • If a project is not marked as Personal, then it must belong to an organization.
  • If your project currently resides in a Git repository, you can add the URL. This is optional, but recommended if possible.
  • You can add a description of your project.